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    Tired of managing your members with a spreadsheet?

    Tired of managing your organization through a spreadsheet?  Copying and pasting email addresses into Gmail or Mailchimp or using Social to send out notifications?  Trying to keep it all running while balancing your other priorities?

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    We manage your organization so you can spend your time on what matters!

Why We Exist!

Member Audience was designed by busy volunteers and managers who accepted responsibility for managing or leading small communities of people.  Our software allows for easy management of your member list integrated with email and other tools to communicate quickly with groups of members, take payments and more.  With Member Audience you can easily send targeted campaigns, allow your members to manage their own profile and track member engagement. 

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Homeowners & Community Associations

Easily manage the neighborhood. Setup committees, collect email addresses, send emails, collect dues & more

Sports & Hobby 

Keep members informed and organized. Communicate with the group, online payments, organize events, & more.

Golf & Boat

Keep up communication with your fellow enthusiasts. Easily segment into groups, create events and monitor engagement. 

Alumni Organizations

Easily include custom fields like major or degree. Track events, committees, engagement, take payments & more.

About Us

Created by noble volunteers roped compelled  into leading their organizations.  One day, a computer crash eviscerated the email list and shortly thereafter Member Audience was born.

  • Developed and run by fellow volunteers.  We understand the headaches and limitations of managing your organization in a spreadsheet.
  • Ideal for organizations with a limited budget.
  • Happier members :)
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